Rev Dan Catt

Episode 3 of the the experimental audio diary.

In which I fail to properly record any rain, head off to go shopping in Camden Lock Market where I get overwhelmed by sights, smells and sound. Being woken up by drummers.

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Print is not dead.

Print is not dead.

In which I search for the terms “fuck you dad” and “fuck you mom” on twitter, and then read them aloud.

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Fake Postcard Aesthetic

Episode 1 of the experimental audio diary.

The proper 1st episode, although it turns out I still haven’t made it into a podcast thingy that I can put up on iTunes yet, really need to get round to that.

Annoyingly for this episode I got sick and didn’t get to really do any field recordings which were kind of the whole point of the podcast. Instead I complain about my ear and we have a bonfire in the back garden.


An experimental podcast while I figure out how to use all the tools.

Now renamed Audio Diary as I realised that’s more what it is :)

This Episode:

Isobel has a baby, and unrelated helps build a desk.
I wander over to the South Bank
Accidentally sitting in-front of a huge audience at the Guardian with Ed Miliband.


Happy Easter…x


Happy Easter…x


How are you?