Rev Dan Catt

Episode 7 of the experimental audio dairy.

In which we go for a family walk in the local deer park.

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Gorf | Midway | 1981

Episode 6 of the experimental audio dairy.

In which Isobel and I make some Coconut Iced Shapes.

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3D Printed ArcheAge

Curious little project by caretdashcaret reconstructs a game avatar with photogrammetry app Catch 123D and 3D prints the results:

Here’s my 3D print of a Firran from the video game ArcheAge

Instead of using the in-game models for 3D printing, I took a lot of screenshots and reconstructed a model using photogrammetry.

Whilst to some it maybe pointless, it is an interesting experiment in modern mediation - applying a computed reconstruction method on an already virtual object, observing the differences between the two …

You can find out more about the process here
An interactive model of the scene can be found here
caretdashcaret also has a Tumblr blog here
[h/t: Jeffrey Huber]

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Ruin Storm Crackle

30 minutes and 18 seconds

This is an ambient / haunted music podcast curated by Warren Ellis.  It’s me little hobby, innit.

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We are #SPEKTRMODULE on the Twitters and the Tumbles.  Know us by our hashtag and our grim cobwebbiness.

1) logotone by Dirty Knobs

2) “Lyonesse Anthem” - Kemper Norton (album: Loor - )

3) “Howl” - The Orpheus Choir (album: Trigger To Strike - )

4) “you never see the sun in your dreams” - annapurna illusion (album: matins of the twelve passion)

5)  ”Mount Holly” - Matt Krefting (album: Lymph Est - )

6)  ”Bocet I” - shanyio (album: Bocet - )

7)  logotone


BBC Model B portraits.

Still a way to go until I’ve got the code where I want it, but here we are drawing photos on the Beeb in 4 colour MODE 1 and super wide pixel MODE 2 with a whole 8 colours.

Always fun to get stuck into a bit of BASIC, especially as I understand programming a lot more than I did when I was 10.

I posted an update about “Flambient” the image filter thing I tinker with now and then…

"From an art point of view it’s because I really liked The Woodcutter by Kazimir Severinovich Malevich which I studied while doing art … A pioneer of geometric abstract art and the originator of the Suprematist movement, "…an art movement, focused on basic geometric forms, such as circles, squares, lines, and rectangles, painted in a limited range of colors."

Flambient clearly isn’t that, but the Woodcutter has stayed with me all this years and was definitely one the main reasons for this next small evolution in design.”

Full blogpost: A Flambient update, now with gradients and Russia.

Episode 5 of the the experimental audio dairy.

In which I take a trip down to Brighton beach, a walk along the pier and take in the crowd in “Eat Street”, which to be honest was a bit much.

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(via tauba auerbach: RGB colorspace atlas)